Memory like a steel trap. With a big gaping hole in it.
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Help me find this contemporary artist's name and/or website. I had it, I forgot to bookmark it, and now it's driving me batty.

She's a painter, relatively young (I think) who paints old-fashioned looking women. Wearing fancy dresses, maybe, or there's something else that gives a sense of formality to them. The subjects look like they could be models for Monet, though the paintings don't look Impressionist, exactly - they're not quite as "light", in color or attitude. I don't know enough about art to know the correct terminology, but I'd describe the look of the paintings as very soft, feminine, but with something a little dark or sad about them. The ones I remember, at least, don't look contemporary.

Details from my (possibly faulty) memory: The artist had some work in a New York gallery within the last few years; I first saw a painting of hers in an ad for said gallery in a fancy magazine (Vogue or Architectural Digest or another of those big shiny Conde Nast ones) about a year ago. She might be Eastern European, she might be based in the US now, she might have a name with a J that's pronounced like a Y or something similar. Her site, or another site, might have had paintings for sale, maybe starting at about $1000.
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That is not much to go on, but add a few zeros to the price, and I'd guess.... Lisa Yuskavage ?
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Yeah, the "paintings for sale for $1000" and the "gallery ad in a fancy magazine" don't really add up.

But based on your description, my first thoughts were Elizabeth Peyton or Karen Kilimnik.
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It may well not add up, because I may well have gotten part of it wrong! But it was definitely not as modern or edgy as Lisa Yuskavage or Elizabeth Peyton, and it's not Karen Kilimnik. Thanks though!
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Is it Angela Fraleigh?
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Could it be Johanna Öst? She's young, dark-painting, based out of Sweden, paints women wearing fancy dresses, etc.
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