Wanted: Illustrations of My Trees
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I recently acquired 1.6 acres in Vermont and want to decorate my house with botanical illustrations of the trees on the property. I've found historic drawings by Michaux, Jaume Saint-Hilaire, and Bessa, but it seems as though I can only by prints from one website, and they are around $140 each. There must be a less extravagant option. They need not be historic, but they should be legible and help identify what can be seen through a nearby window.

I'm looking for illustrations of the following trees:

sugar maple
red maple
box elder
white ash
silver maple
black cherry
flowering crab apple
paper birch
european birch
eastern white pine
norway spruce
blue spruce
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Antique botanical prints often pop up on Etsy in the Vintage section. Here's one with Aspen and Ash (among other things) on it-- although it's from a German book, so I don't know how useful that would be.
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Thats a more than reasonable price for a real print, meaning an artist engraved (or artist directed engraving) plate, inked, pressed to paper. Those are likely to be later prints (and thus less valuable/clear) or modern printings of old plates. All in all, $140 seems very reasonable.

You are probably going to want to look for reproductions of prints (not the same thing as a real print). Framing them yourself can save money.
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Following the Etsy route, you could also request these drawings through Etsy's Alchemy service.
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I have some wonderful illustrations of trees by an artist named (if I recall correctly) Anthony Tyzknik. They're really cute too, as under each tree he drew a person or an animal (examples: a raccoon, an indian, a western pioneer). Unfortunately, googling his name doesn't reveal anything having to do with his art (apparently he was also a landscape architect). I believe my parents acquired these prints in the 1970s. Sorry I can't be of more help, but his illustrations are magnificent.
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Find a book of botanical prints and frame the pages yourself?
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(check your MeFi mail)
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Ebay also generally has a lot of botanical prints.
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You could print them yourself from vintageprintable.com -- for example, here's one of the white ash. Can't get any less extravagant than free! Or even if you choose to have them printed at Kinko's or elsewhere, surely under $5 each.
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Just a thought, but you could press and frame leaves from your own trees your self. I know that is not what you are asking about but I thought that it might be along the same lines.
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