Unzipping multiple zips from multiple folders?
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I have a large folder on my iMac which contains several subfolders, and every subfolder contains one or more .zip files. How can I unzip all of those files at once and output everything (from every single zip file) to yet another, separate location?

The folder in question is the Project Gutenberg DVD, a 4 plus gig file which I bittorrented, then copied the contents of the .iso to a single folder. So obviously there are a ton of ebooks but they're cataloged on the DVD rather strangely.

I have StuffIt for Mac, but if that will do the job I can't figure it out. If the solution calls for getting under the hood with Terminal, please type slowly; I'm a code n00b.

And lastly, if I manage to get all the files into one location, any good software/technique for organizing those ebooks?
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Response by poster: By the way, a link to the DVD for those interested.
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Open terminal and do a:
find ~/whateverthefoldernameis -name *.zip -exec unzip {} -d ~/someoutputdirectory \;

The output directory doesn't need to already exist. The ~/ is unix speak for your home folder, which is where I assume this is. If not, you'll need to specify the whole path.
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That will put them all in their original directory structure, though. I assume this is what you'll want, 'cause otherwise you may wind up overwriting files with non-unique names.

You can do a similar thing to copy them all to a single huge folder.

mkdir ~/somenewoutputdirectory; find ~/someoutputdirectory -name *.whateveranebook'sextensionis -exec cp {} ~/somenewoutputdirectory \;
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I use Calibre for almost all of my e-book needs. It'll convert book formats for you and organize them by author and title, and you can use it to edit metadata as needed, either in batches or individually.
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Best answer: 1. Search for .zip in the main folder containing all the zips. (make sure it is only searching that folder and not your whole drive.
2. Select all (command + a)
3. drag or copy drag them (hold down option key when dragging) from spotlight/search results to a new folder.
4. Go to new folder, select all, and unzip.
5. Delete all the .zips from new folder.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone, I think travis08's is the simplest one for me.
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