Donde es el wire?
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Where to find electroluminescent wire in Los Angeles? Burners, hope me!

I'm not the first person to ask this question, but *fingers crossed* I get better answers this time around. I know I can order online, but I'd prefer to just drive to a store and buy it because I really want to start making something awesome with it.
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How about Fry's?
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Live Wire Neon has a pop-up store that opens closer to Burn time (July/August), but that won't help you get glowing ASAP.

World Aglow is in Orange County if you're up for a minor drive, but you have to call for details as they don't advertise a storefront and I'm not sure what they'll tell you. (A guy named Mike there used to do EL wire workshops; maybe ask for him?)

And there's always the Related Businesses link that BMHQ maintains, but it's mostly online resources that you're probably already familiar with.
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Possibly at All Electronics Corporation
14928 Oxnard Street
Van Nuys, CA 91411
There's none listed on their website, but they often have small quantities of random stuff in stock.
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No suggestions for you. (car shops can have small pieces, but overpriced) But if you order online today, from a California company, you should have it by tomorrow or the next day. I ordered from Glow hut and they had it to me within 2 days.
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If Apex doesn't have it, they would probably know where to find it. I would call first.
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