Mocking and Celebrating Chicago's Hoods via Slang
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Please help me research and invent nicknames for the neighborhoods of Chicago. Examples include Wrigleyvile, Hans Christian Andersonville, The Crotch, Wes Andersonville, and El Crotcho.

Nicknames for Chicago itself will also be accepted for half credit, unless they're really awesome and creative.
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Viagra Triangle? Some people still refer to Maxwell Street as Jew Town, but I wish they wouldn't.
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Ravenswoody Harrelson
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Context? What's this for?

Meanwhile: Sex Corners, Drinkin' Square, S'uptown, Mold Town, Roscoe P. Village, Bulldong Woods, Fucktown, Lincoln's Hair, Jeckyll 'n Hyde Park, Logan's Run, D'ohare, Splinter's Row, Sauganass, Harridan Park, Humbug Park, Back of my Ass|Balls|whatever, Jefferslum Park.

I can think of others from when I was a kid, but they're, um, somewhat racially unpalatable, so I'm not about to perpetuate those.
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Oh, and Chicago once was nicknamed Oniontown, although that's an oldie.
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Robber Snark (Rogers Park?)
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I think you may be confusing Hans Christian AndersEn (a Dane) with AndersOnville, a term for the historically-Swedish neighborhood.
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The south side is, of course, Obamatonburg.
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For Rogers Park, I'd go with either Roger Spark or Roger's Prick. Also, the Loop-de-Loop or the Poop. Fried Park or Hyde-your-wallet Park or Not-Jekyll Park. Old Clown, Old-what's-his-face, It-used-to-be-cool-until-the-hippies-were-gentrified-out Town.

You still need help with this?
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Raven-Symoné-wood. Lincoln Prick. Edgewafer. Logan Stare. All-banger Park. The Gold Crust. The Old Coast. Englewood Humperdinck.
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Well, a friend of mine named her daughter Chi (pronounced Shy) because Chicago is "The Greatest City in the World," according to her.

Stoner's Island Park.

Please donate any half-credits or credits you might have given me to a suitable charity or another Mefite in need of credit.
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I have to amend my previous contribution - Robber Snark should be Robber's Snark OR Robber's Mark.
Oak Park = Smoke Pork
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I'm astonished that "Lincoln-No-Park" isn't on anybody's list yet. Maybe I just had bitter friends who hadn't learned not to drive around town.
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I'd forgotten Lincoln no-park. That one is filed in my mind, not under "slang" or "nickname", but under "fact."
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