Sleepy's Mattress Box Spring Not Singing Me To Sleep???
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My Sleepy's mattress & box spring make creaking noises when I make the slightest movement in bed, help me successfully return or exchange them!

I purchased a brand new Sleepy's Queen sized mattress & split queen box spring 6 months ago and it makes noises when I move around :(

These noises occurs anytime I move while on top of the mattress. A loud noise comes from the bottom of the mattress pushing/rubbing against the material/cardboard/etc. that lines the top of the box spring.

I've confirmed that this is the source of the problem. This sound has been present since I purchased the set and get's worse as time goes on.

Here's an idea of what I'm talking about (boxspring view from above):

Example box spring:

The top of the box spring is now visibly depressed in between the horizontal support beams. It appears that the bottom of the mattress pushes into the top of the box spring relative to the weight that's applied to the mattress itself. Unfortunately, the box spring's top material (feels like a harder cardboard/plastic material) "droops" between the horizonal supports, and makes a rubbing noise (sounds like two balloons rubbing together).

Area's that are depressed/drooping (denoted by "xx")


I've been researching Sleepy's returns on the web and have found nothing but horror stories.

My ask for you:

I'm turing to you, the hive mind, to help me best prepare my approach to maximize the chance of Sleepy's working *with* me to fix this problem (either exchange or full refund).

Thank you MeFi's!
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This sound has been present since I purchased the set and get's worse as time goes on.

You really should have brought this up with them when you first discovered it. A box-spring should be a solid foundation for the mattress above it. A sagging, noisy box-spring is a defective one. If you're not able to return it, I'd suggest buying a sheet of OSB (plywood) and placing it between the mattress and the box-spring to help alleviate the problem.
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Even if you get the box spring replaced, you will have the same problem. I would take the box spring to a furniture repair place and have them take off the covering and add vertical support rods in the middle of the bed that go from foot end to head end. If you have a king size mattress you might want to do 2 rows of supports running up so that you have a vertical support rod row every .25 of the mattress width. if you do this your box spring will last until the nuclear holocaust and it will extend teh life of your mattress because it will have more support. you also wont really need anything over the supports (like the cardboard or plastic you have now) other than that gauze-y furniture-underside fabric. Teh metal (or wood) should do all the supporting, not an overlay over them (ehich is what you have here since it appears you only have horizontal supports.

Also, when you go to buy a new mattress, as long as its the same size you can just reuse this box spring.
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@pmbuko really? As a consumer, I should be protected from a company selling a defective product within a reasonable time frame. The warranty on the products is very generous (over 10 years) and my complaint comes less than 5% of the way into this window (6 months), but my hesitation for contacting Sleepy's directly, and this my inclination to query the hive mind for helpful suggestions was based on the following:

I've researched returning/exchanging/refunding my merchandise and found nothing but horror stories related to this topic with Sleepy's:

(the BBB website will not allow me to link directly to the Sleepy's review page but it is not pleasant).

To this point, I appreciate the suggestion of OSD/plywood. I believe I will attempt to take on the Sleepy's return/warranty/repair/etc. dragon before I spend any money out of my own pocket to fix a defective product.

Ironically, the product's defect (it makes noise) completely harms the products sole purpose (sleep).

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