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Painquale's question from yesterday reminded me of the disclaimer broadcast before the Simpson's last night, and I was wondering if it was just a local thing (Georgia) or national?

This episode contains discussion about same-sex marriage. Parental discretion is advised.
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We had it here in NC too, along with ridiculous local news teasers - "Your neighbors react to the Simpsons - did they go too far?" Idiots.
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We had the disclaimer in DC.
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We had it in Toronto (and I believe Canada-wide on Global).
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Actually, my mistake, we had a "parental discretion" disclaimer, but it didn't specify that it was due to same-sex marriage discussions. The Simpsons doesn't usually arrive with any disclaimer at all here.
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We had the disclaimer with the same sex marriage mentioned in St. Louis.

It's amazing how much self policing will take place after people complain.
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We saw it here in Western NC, too. We figured it was just FOX having to deal with one of their best shows (yes, it still is) being written by a bunch of liberals.

Please stay on the line, your half-baked ideas are all we have. Awesome.
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We got the "parental discretion advised" thing in Houston.
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It was here in Wyoming too, but I can't say that I'm surprised.
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A parental discretion advisory with a same-sex marriage disclaimer aired in Austin, Texas before the episode. The advisory caught my attention as it was unusual.
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We saw it in Massachusetts (though on a Connecticut station) with the "same sex marriage" line. There's usually no disclaimer here.
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Just checked the TiFaux and we had the "same sex marriage" disclaimer here in Pittsburgh as well. I'm flummoxed by this.
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'Simpsons' Animates Gay Nuptials, and a Debate

"In the ongoing culture wars over whether gays should have the right to marry, an animated question reared its head on Sunday prime-time television: as goes "The Simpsons," does the nation go, too? ... But when a show as mainstream and popular as this takes on one of the most divisive issues in American society, it is certain to attract attention." [New York Times | February 21, 2005]
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Springfield Is For Gay Lovers of Marriage
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Well, I can't quite understand a warning for "discussion" of same-sex marriage, but I can sort-of, kind-of understand a "viewer discretion" warning based only on the sexual content (of any kind). Granted that it's only in the context of the draconian rules that exist to begin with, but as far as I recall, I can't remember the Simpsons doing an episode with so much innuendo and sex in itm, and there are probably a lot of little kids watching. Well, there was the one where they were exhibitionists. But this one had Homer making out with Homer, which was pretty disturbing, to be honest. Regardless, it was a pretty crappy episode IMO.
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Heard it in Minneapolis. It think it was aired by Fox, not the network stations.
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from ericb's link:
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (DOM-1345584)
10201 W. Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90035

Domain Name:

Registrar Name:
Registrar Whois:
Registrar Homepage:

Administrative Contact:
Fox Webmaster (NIC-14208203) Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Intellectual Property Department P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills CA 90213

Didn't see the episode... was this web site referenced?
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Didn't see the episode... was this web site referenced?

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Oops. Trigger post finger....

The disclaimer, by the way, wasn't advising parental discretion regarding same sex marriage.

It was advising parental discretion about the discussion of same sex marriage.

This is where we're at. Even the discussion strikes fear.

And it aired in Sacramento.
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Didn't see the episode... was this web site referenced?

Yes - as mudpuppie points out. The URL was flashed on a cartoon television set during a commercial in which Mayor Quimby promotes Springfield as a destination for same-sex marriages.
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the bbc reports the warning in a general way, implying it was everywhere.
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Saw it in Honolulu. I was pretty sure it was nationwide, as pretty much anything else our local affiliate tries to cobble together on its own turns out awkward or wrong.
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Chiming in late to say that the disclaimer aired in the NYC metro area, for crying out loud. In fact it made me scream at the TV. Goddamn Fox.
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