Branching out from cigarillos...
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Looking to branch out from flavored cigarillos, any suggestions?

I just recently started occasionally puffing on flavored cigarillos (and hookah) socially and when I'm drinking wine. I don't inhale and mainly just like the flavor, smell, blowing out the smoke, etc. Most of my friends smoke (both cigarettes and weed) and it gives me something to puff on while they're outside smoking.

What I'm wondering about is suggestions on possibly more expensive cigarillos (mine are from the local gas station) or cigars for beginners.

Any suggestions?
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Go the ecig route you can get all sorts of flavor vapes.
I went from a pack and a half of smokes a day to zero it really is just like smoking
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Response by poster: Just to clarify I don't smoke cigarettes and never have. I just like the taste and smell of the cigarillos and hookah.
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You can get fancy cigars that are soaked with brandy or various sweet flavors; I've had chocolate-flavored ones, for example. Even if you don't inhale, though, you end up injesting a lot of nicotine from a cigar, so go easy on them or you'll make yourself sick.
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No they have e cigars too and different flavor liquids
its just a cleaner alternative to actually smoking
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My friends bought me a box of Cojimar vanilla cigars 10 years ago as a gag, and they were great; mild and tasty. I'm an avid cigar smoker now and don't generally smoke flavored cigars, but hear great things about the CAO Moontrance flavor, which also come in smaller sizes. (CAO, by the way, makes GREAT cigars, and has a whole line of favored ones).

You could also ask this question on the forum. The guys there are some of the most helpful you're likely to find on the internets.
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If you want a nice interesting smell then Indonesian clove cigarettes are great.

But I'm not sure how steadfast you are with your "I don't smoke cigarettes" rule or if they're available in a more cigar-ish form. According to this site, maybe you can.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm definitely interested in these vanilla flavored ones, coolguymichael
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