How do I connect GameCube and Game Boy Advanced?
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A Game Boy Advance/GameCube connecting problems so my son can play Pokemon on the television.

I bought him a Game Boy Advance along with Pokemon Fire Red for his birthday. His grandmother thought it would be nice if she bought him a GameCube along with the GC/GBA link cable so he could play his game through the television. I cannot for the life of me make the GC recognize the GBA or the Pokemon game when connected. I've searched for answers and found absolutely nothing helpful. I don't have the money at this point to go out and buy the Game Boy Player, especially since the link cable was supposed to allow you to use the GameCube as a supplemental game screen. What am I missing/doing wrong?
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To the best of my knowledge in order to play a Gameboy game on a TV using a Gamecube, you need a Game Boy Player. The link cable is to use the Game Boy Advance as a controller for certain games, for example the excellent Four Swords. From Nintendo:

"This cable, when used with specially designed games, allows you to connect the Game Boy Advanced to the Nintendo GameCube. The features available will change depending on the game -- from exchanging data or unlocking new game levels, to allow the Game Boy Advanced to be used as a supplemental game screen or input device. See the game packaging and instruction booklets for details on what features are activated when using this cable."
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Ahhh, I see the problem now. You have it backwards. The cable is meant to make the Game Boy a supplemental screen for certain GameCube games. You thought it was the other way around.
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Ah! Oh, no! That's exactly what the problem is; I got the point of the cable confused. I guess I'll be saving up for the Player now. Thanks.
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Well, if your son wants to play Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire (not FireRed or LeafGreen, unfortunately) on the television and you could always get Pokemon Box (costs about $20) which is not really a "game" but a piece of software that stores Pokemon on the GC memory card instead of the game cartridge. It also allows you to transfer between games without having to trade. Box has an option to play the game on the TV using the GBA-GC link cable (it uses the cable to verify that you have the cartridge and upload the data, but once it's done that, you play it with the GC control pad).

It may just be easier to save for the GB Player though. Box's "Play on the TV" function only works for Ru/Sa, and not FireRed or LeafGreen.
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He does have Sapphire, so I suppose I could go the Pokemon Box route but he wants to play both so I guess the Player really is the final answer unless I want to get the Box as a 'make do' gift.
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