Medical Supplies Need Direction
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Where can I donate unused medical supplies?

My lover just recently passed away from cancer. She was under hospice care and we still have a lot of supplies left over (I.V. stand, gloves, electrolyte soulutions, saline flush syringes, heperin syringes, alcohol wipes, etc.). We cannot return them to supplier. Will free clinics or any other organization take this if they are unopened and unused?
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Yes, you can.

That's just one site. There are about a zillion others.
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bless you. my mother did this after my father passed away from cancer last year and it really helped her to know she was helping others with the donations.
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I went to high school with someone that works for MedShare who recently returned from Haiti. It seems like an excellent organization.
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You may want to start by asking the hospital/ambulance service/hospice/churches in your area. Many of these places have people or know of local organizations that would gladly accept your donations, especially those who do overseas medical missions. And condolences to you on your loss.
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When my mother passed away from cancer, a few years ago, we donated all the remaining supplies (a lot of stuff) to the volunteer organisation that provided her hospice care. I suggest you look for one in your area and they'll be probably glad to pick them up.

(organisations that do overseas medical missions usually buy supplies by the box/crate/container, so one IV stand, and a few of this and that are probably not that interesting, if at all)

I'm sorry.
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