Dear Facebook Pop-up: Never darken my doorstep again.
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Occasionally when opening pages that have the Facebook "Like" sidebar box thing (usually Wired or ThereIFixedIt), I get a pop-up that looks like the sidebar (like this--pictures and names blurred to protect random strangers). The address for this pop-up is usually in the form I'm using Firefox with about a million extensions, none of which specifically apply to Facebook, Wired, etc. I have pop-ups disabled and neither Facebook nor any of the sites I'm getting the pop-up from have any exceptions in my pop-up preferences. I want to never see that pop-up again, what do I need to do to make this happen?
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Although you can probably block the popup at the browser level with an Adblock Plus (or similar extension) rule, the better way might be to disable Facebook Connect at the source. In the Facebook thread yesterday someone linked to the Reclaim Privacy site, which has a Javascript "privacy scanner" that prompts you to disable it when run. You can probably also do it manually from within Facebook's privacy settings, but the bookmarklet scanner is neat.

The alternate, somewhat less elegant way, would be to install AdBlock Plus or a similar browser extension and add a rule like "^*" (FB owns multiple domains so there are more rules you might want to add for completeness, like these.) And although this would block the popup, I'm not sure that it blocks any of the tracking stuff that a lot of people find troublesome about Facebook Connect.

I can't get the thing to come up when I go to Wired to test it, though, and I'm not sure that's because something in my ABP ruleset is already blocking it (I am running EasyList USA), or because I've disabled Facebook Connect from the source within FB.
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Response by poster: Thanks. I already use ABP, with EasyPrivacy+EasyList. I haven't done this as an ABP rule, because it's an entire window that I want to get rid of (I tried blocking some of the Facebook stuff on the pages that are spawning the window, and it didn't help).

The pop-up is obnoxiously irregular. I'll open a random number of pages which have the sidebar box (ten, fifteen, twenty) without seeing it. Then suddenly, there it is. Refresh the same page, no pop-up. I haven't seen it off of the Wired homepage, which I almost never visit, but I regularly get it off of articles.

I ran the ReclaimPrivacy scanner, it was all green except for Instant Personalization, which I fixed.

Sorry for the rambly disconnectedness, I have a really disproportionate response to this thing which makes it even harder to deal with.
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Try this tip for Adblock Plus. Maybe the trick is in the 4 rules to add. One for each of,,, and
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Response by poster: Nothing so far has worked. In specific, having an Adblock Plus rule matching the address of the pop-up does nothing.
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