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I recently fell in a trap. A popup asked me if I wanted to update my Trillian software. I foolishly clicked yes. Now I cannot access #mefi in spite of following all of the same steps I did with the old program. Does anyone have a tutorial?
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If you're just using Trillian for IRC, I'd recommend mIRC instead. Trillian's IRC client is kinda lousy. (Sorry, I don't have any particular advice about Trillian; don't have it installed at the moment...)
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Run Adaware and Spybot. The IRC client has been removed from the latest version of Trillian; you're better off with Chatzilla.
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Never ever ever do this! Never ever ever ever click anything but "close" on a popup window! This is how Trojans are born. It's too late to help you, scottymac, but for anyone else that's reading this: learn that nothing is that time-sensitive. Get rid of the popup window and then Google whatever it was recommending. This is almost never going to be anything good that you need.
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The IRC client has been removed from the latest version of Trillian

uh, what? afaik this is absolutely not true.

scotty, you probably just need to reconfigure your servers. go ahead and under the irc setup, be sure to enter in the mefi server name (irc.metafilter.com)

also, if i recall correctly, the new trillian client doesn't pop up an irc window by default (which is kinda silly) -- you might need to turn on the "Toggle Status Window" and then type in /j #mefi by hand (or you could add the line "/j mefi" under the auto-join commands list).

if you hop into #mefi with mIrc, i'm sure someone can help you get trillian set up.

i'm also going to suggest/assume that this "popup" window isn't a browser window, as some people seem to think, but the trillian upgrade popup from the actual client, which thus resulted in a path to the official upgrade client and not some spyware or other junk (this is how my old version of trillian behaved). It's likely your settings just got munged when you upgraded (did you have to re-enter your aim/messenger/etc info?) if this isn't the case, then you probably just need to pull the whole toggle status window/j mefi thing as i mentioned above.
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