Recommend a Brief Overview History of India
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Can anyone recommend a brief overview history of India? Preferably something with a bit of personality rather than a History of India 101 textbook. I picked up a nice copy of John Keay's India: A History some time ago, but my preference when diving into something I know nothing about is to first give myself a bit of context.
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I'd recommend this: The Britannica Guide to India: A Comprehensive Introduction to the World's Fastest Growing Country (Amazon UK £3.50) (Amazon US $11.86)

It's an excellent book, which is very topical too. It would most certainly put things in context for you.
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Jawaharlal Nehru's "The Discovery of India"
(great book, however, at 500+ pages it is not brief!)
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Peter Robb's A History of India is really great.
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The Granta Book Of India is marvelous, as is number 57 in the Granta series, simply titled "India." Both can be had for $1.24 or less used via Amazon. Neither is a "history," but both are loaded with essays about various aspects of India, from some amazing authors. It'll give you a lot of "context" without you having to know much of anything beyond what you could read on Wikipedia.
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May I suggest a little bit of Salman Rushdie, Midnight's Children. It's not strictly historical and it's fiction but I came away from this book feeling like I knew more about India than if I had read a textbook on the subject.
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There's a 6 part series called The Story of India that plays now and again on PBS. It mostly deals with history and is quite entertaining. Some of the footage is just amazing.
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"A concise history of India" by metcalf and metcalf (Cambridge university press i believe) is highly recommended. It's somewhat academic but very readable.
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Anything about India by William Dalrymple will delight and inform.
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Although not a straight history of India, I enjoyed Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors". It looks at the history of India through the prism of popular dishes from curry-houses, and focuses on the synthesis of Western influences and native Indian cuisine in creating what most people in the West think of as Indian food. It would be a good supplement to a brief history.
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Again, not a history, but a historical novel (or rather, four of them). Paul's Scott's Raj Quartet. I learned a lot about Indian history, culture and society from these four books. And it's a cracking story too.
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Shashi Tharoor's India: From Midnight to Millennium for post-Independence history.
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