Needed: _A Catracho's Guide to Fishing_
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Need some great, beginner-level books on fishing. Bonus points if they're in Spanish.

The fishing bug has bit my SO hard. However, no one has ever bothered to explain to him how beyond, 'this is a hook, here's a rod, knock yourself out.' His birthday is coming up, and I'd like to get him a book that explained a little bit more. Things like, why one bait doesn't fit all, how fishing is different in lakes vs. rivers, vs. the sea, how to catch different types of fish living in the same area, why sinkers sometimes and why bobbers other times...stuff like that. The tricky part is, he's not an avid reader to begin with, and he's only somewhat literate in English.

So: 1) What are your favorite practical books on fishing for kids.
2) Bonus points if its in Spanish (along with notes about how to get it, since I have no idea where the Hispanic populations of central Virginia [U.S.A.] is buying their books).

Thanks MeFites!
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No help on the Spanish side of this request, but I can speak a bit on the how-to-fish side of things.

When I got bit by this bug about 15 years ago, I began to read as many "how to fish" books as I could find. What I quickly found was that the best books were specific by species and/or technique. Since I was primarily interested in fresh water fishing for bass and trout, those were the areas I drilled into.

I can whole-heartedly recommend Homer Circle's book, Bass Wisdom. It is extremely readable, has many illustrations, and the techniques he explains are timeless. I don't know if it was ever translated into Spanish, but it is an outstanding guide.

For fly fishing, I realy liked Michael Shook's The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fly Fishing. It was very easy to read and also had a lot of helpful illustrations.
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Even without Spanish translations, good suggestions are worthwhile. Thanks.
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