Need an online store that allows fax and phone orders only.
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I am looking for a turnkey solution, like shopify, that would allow me to make an online store with about 15 - 20 products. The catch is that for the immediate future I only will be selling items via phone or fax. So for now I guess it's really more of an online catalog, but I would like to use a solution that will allow me in the future to easily add web checkout and shopping cart. Any ideas?

I liked shopify as I could just pick a nice theme, add some categories, and plug in products. However there is really no way to just do orders by phone and fax.
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Can you say why you won't accept orders via email?
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Response by poster: Opps, yeah I guess an email order would be fine too. The key is for now we wont really be having people check out with a credit card online via a shopping cart.

For now we want people to see items they would like, then fax us, call us, or email us with an order. Which we would then need to figure out shipping on, send them back final price, and then run through or credit card machine, have them send check, or some customers have monthly account.

We have items that the shipping is constantly changed (they are heavy), and sometimes the are not immediately available.
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Zen cart
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Can you use Shopify, but disable it? Maybe by making all items "sold out", but have it say something else instead of "sold out", like, "please call, fax or email in your order, etc..."

That way you can enable it when you are ready and it will all be set up for you.

This example on their site shows what the page would look like. Just customize the sold out part to say whatever you like.
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Oops, link came out on wrong page, but just click on the sold out hoodie to see what I mean...
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I currently use Shopify on my site, but am building another store using this theme from Themeforest. It has the e-commerce plugin built in and excellent documentation. It will sell items exactly the way you want. And for $47 for a one-off purchase, it is better value than Shopify's monthly $29-$59 fees. Check out other themes by that designer for something to suit your product.
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