Need to find a SPECIFIC laugh track
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LaughTrackFilter: Trying to find a specific laugh track featuring this annoying little boy's giggle, which seems to be prominent in all commercials featuring children at play. Does anybody know what I'm talking about?
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One of these from AudioSparx maybe?
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Just tried that. There doesn't seem to be anything there. The next commercial I see, I'm just gonna have to write down the name of it. Because I know I'm not crazy.
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Have you tried looking in the effects that come with Final Cut (soundtrack)? I was digging in there recently and heard a lot of familiar stuff. Don't have it in front of me, but there's quite a selection of laughs in there.
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Related? (see my own tangential comment in that thread)
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I know exactly the giggle clip you're talking about. Once I noticed it, I couldn't un-notice it every other time I've heard it. If it helps, it's been around a while. The giggle (or at least one very much like it) can be heard in 1997's Diddy Kong Racing video game for the Nintendo 64.
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Is this the one you're thinking of? I hear it everywhere. There are a few other similar sound effects linked from that page if it's not the same one you have in mind.
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Thank you guys, I've received two great links to it. Now, I can start a campaign for commercials to stop using that giggle.
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Yes, that's the same one I was talking about in the other link (at least the end bit).
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Following the trail of related threads, it looks like your giggling child is mentioned on the stock sound effect page on TVTropes (about 3/4 of the way down, under 'People'). It mentions a few other places it's been spotted.

It's funny, because even when I was reading this thread on a speakerless computer, I knew exactly what laugh you were talking about. I'm sure if I paid more attention, the ubiquity of stock sound effects would drive me mad.
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