Is this sculpture still in the Hong Kong international airport arrivals area?
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Is this sculpture still in the Hong Kong international airport arrivals area? Would it be a good place to meet?

I'm meeting up with my dad this Friday in Hong Kong. It's a big airport.. we both have email addresses to contact eachother and such, but I figured it would be nice for us both to have a landmark to meet up at.
Wikipedia shows this sculpture in a few year old photo.

Is this still in the arrivals area today? Would it make a good rendezvous point?
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Not sure if your statue is there anymore, but I would recommend as a rendez-vous point the airport bus information sign. It's not in air conditioning, but it is a small, non-crowded place, and unless you're taking the Airport Express train into the city, you're likely to be there anyway.

In your linked photo, the information sign is immediately outside the doors at the end of that long hallway. Just follow signs for "Airport Bus" to get there.

Or, for a more centrally located place, try one of the glass elevators as noted in this diagram of the arrivals hall.
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I have a strong feeling that sculpture wasn't there last time I went through that area.

As danceswithlight's map shows, the arrivals area beyond customs is fairly compact, so it shouldn't be too hard to find each other if you agree on a spot in it..
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Best answer: Just meet in the lobby at the Regal Airport Hotel. It's barely a 2 minute walk from the arrivals lobby and is usually quite empty. In the diagram dancesithlight linked to, it's down the same walkway as the taxi stand.
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