Lost song from video game soundtrack
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I used to play this game for the PC called Mercedes-Benz World Racing, and there was a song on the soundtrack that I would consider the worst song in the history of all music - help me find it! [mi]
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I've had a devil of a time searching out a soundtrack listing for this game. Google's no help. I only remember choice lyrics from the song, some of which are "rising to a star" and "let the stars fly by."

The last time I played it, I found the actual music files in the install directory and this one was simply titled "Stars," with no ID3 information.

If I had to choose a genre that it fit into, I suppose I would say "electronic," only because I can't seem to find a genre labeled "pathetic."

I noticed there's an XBOX version of the game too - I don't know if this song exists on that soundtrack or not - never played it. Anyway, if anyone out in MetaLand can help me track down a soundtrack listing for this game, I'd appreciate it. Or, if you happen to know the specific song I'm talking about, I'm forever endebted. Although honsestly I'd be surprised if this anyone's able to track it down. Thanks!
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You could try contacting TDK directly. If anyone knows what it is, it should be them.
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The PC version was actually pretty good. Overall good graphics and gameplay, and the soundtrack wasn't bad except for this one song.
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According to this press release, it was Ministry of Sound/Mike Koglin. That's about the only place I've seen mention of a composer.
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Thanks O9scar, that's leading me on the right track...
posted by nitsuj at 7:57 AM on February 21, 2005

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