One click facebook friend requests?
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How can I simplify someone adding me as a friend on Facebook?

Is there some way to create a "one click friend request" link that I can use on Facebook? I play a lot of games and most of them need large groups of people to play effectively. I can add people myself, and do, but I also want to be able to have something that I can put in my signature on various different Facebook games forums so that people who I don't request can still add me.

In one specific forum, it's not just a matter of visiting someone's profile. You have to visit their Control Panel (within the forum software), then their game profile, then their actual Facebook profile and then add them as a friend. This puts people off.

I want a link (or something similar), that I can put in my game forum signature that will be a one click affair. I've done this previously, but the link that I used no longer works.

Can this be done?
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You can add something like[facebook ID]

For instance, to add me, it would be something like:

You need to find your facebook ID, the easiest way is to go to your profile, click your profile photo and you end up with a URL like[your ID]

There's no way to "one click" it, but it prevents people from having to go to your profile first.
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Note that in testing that a few times I got a "you are sending friend requests that may be considered abusive" error. Donno if that's just because I visited the link multiple times or what.
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Donno if that's just because I visited the link multiple times or what.

Happened the first time I clicked it, don't think Facebook will allow a link like that.
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Is there a reason why just posting a direct link to your profile like this won't work? It's two clicks, not one, but unless you have privacy locked down to hell and back (which I imagine you don't if you're friending tons of strangers for games) they should get the "Add Me" button if they're logged in to Facebook.

(Incidentally, that's my game account and you're welcome to add me.)
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