Software/sites to create easy, viewable multipanel cartoons
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Good simple tool for blogging sequential images as one post/entry?

How can a lazy doodler get multipanel stories shareable on the web? The fewer steps, the better.

I used to draw these hasty little cartoons, panel by panel. Scan them. Then ftp'ed them to my site. Then hand code some simple html to sequence them. (example) It was no fun and took too long so I stopped.

Now I've started goofing around again, doing single panels because I got a tablet and have been able to upload to flickr straight from drawing and then tweet them out straight from flickr. Except I'm starting to do multipanel things and that doesn't work on Flickr. (example)

If it takes any significant time I will overthink it and never do it. I don't want to consolidate them into one image like webcomics. I want them to feel more spontaneous. Also layout takes time.

WordPress takes a lot of futzing and resizing and only seems to be indexed by recency, but I'm open to it if I'm missing something. Any other suggestions?
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Response by poster: Tumblr seems to make multiple pictures without captions tiny and unreadable. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong. Know of a tumblr site that is all pics, with multiple pics per entry? I can backward engineer from someone else, I'm sure.
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Blogger. It offers a web form for uploading images which has 5 upload boxes, add your images, click upload, and they are inserted into a post in sequential order, resized if needbe. You then publish with one click.
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Blogger image upload interface. The "Add Image" field can be expanded to accomodate 5 images at a time.
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Please note that blogger uploads the images backwards. So, you'll want to put your first image in the bottom-most slot and your last image in the top-most slot.

Other than that: blogger.

You're running a Windows box, correct?
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Response by poster: I'm on a Modbook when I draw, so Mac/OS X.
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Well, if you wanted to, you could create a simple applescript (or shell script) to upload the pictures to FTP and make a blog post for blogger. (By interfacing with Python.)
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