ID a piece of Tibetan pop music
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Can you help ID a Tibetan pop music song from 2007 with hardly any hints?

We were traveling in Tibet in 2007 and our Tibetan driver who spoke no English (we spoke only English) sang a song several times, in accompaniment to a CD (all of which makes me think it was Pop,) that had a chorus which seemed to include the lyric: "dos dos dos" on a descending quarter note scale. Of course it could have been: "tos tos tos" or some similar variant. The word "dos" sounded like the Spanish word for "two," dos.

That is my entire hint so this is a long shot. Any help would be appreciated
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You have me playing Tibetan pop songs on You Tube now, my husband is sure confused! If it was popular, it could be there.
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Response by poster: Sarabythesea: it sure could be, I'll start looking as well. The Tibetans are charming peaceful people who enjoy music. Hope one of us finds it. Thanks for looking.
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MrTaff says that lots of Tibetans in India and Tibet listen to Hindi bollywood music too, so it may not even be in Tibetan language! He didn't know the song, but that doesn't mean another Tibetan won't be able to identify it. The very best of luck. I know how crazy it can make you when you can't identify a song in your head.
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I think this is the song you are looking for. Dugs dugs literally translates as like this like this.
She is asking the guys how do you like it if I dance this way? etc etc...
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