Kilns for hire in San Diego?
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Where can I glaze and fire my pottery in San Diego?

I am an intermediate potter. I have my own wheel and am looking for somewhere to fire my work. I am not totally opposed to taking classes, but would rather just work at home and pay to use someone's kiln and glazes. I live in downtown San Diego, but am happy to drive anywhere.
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I would try asking either the San Diego Potters' Guild or the UCSD Craft Center.

I know both organizations have their own kilns. I do not know if they allow non-members/class takers access. Couldn't hurt to ask.
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Give these guys a call. They were recommended to me as a resource by a really awesome artist.

Also, there is a little clay working shop in Grossmont Center. It's kinda cheesy/cutesy but they have a kiln and look pretty inexpensive.

Good luck!
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Hey, nix the Grossmont idea, I just called and they don't fire "outside" work anymore.

I've been working in clay for about a year now, and I'm just now thinking about firing pieces too. I'll let you know when I find a good place.
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What you want at the UCSD Craft Center is the 9 week studio membership, or a class. Both are open to the public but not cheap.
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One thing to consider, do you have a bisque kiln? Generally in my experience firings are done under the expectation that the works therein are not green, if I rented you space in my (alas imaginary at this point) kiln and your pieces all exploded because they werent appropriate for a firing I would be mighty pissed.

Also bisque kilns are comparatively cheap and you can go ahead and glaze you work at home as well.
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