What is best way to organize a sports team?
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What is the best method or tool for organizing, scheduling and communicating with an amateur sports team?

I have 3 children in baseball right now, and I'm tired of receiving schedules, cancellations, and other communication for various teams through e-mail. To make matters worse we receive the information through two different e-mail accounts. You can't simply look at the schedule that was distributed at the beginning of the year, because it has changed due to canceled games. Every coach uses e-mail to communicate with everyone.

So the question is, what is the best alternative to suggest to the coach? A blog? Groups in google or yahoo? A specialized sports team website? Text messages?
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Listserves such as Google groups are awesome. That's how my college radio station communicated with everyone.
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Disclosure: I know the founders, but have not had contact with them for several years.
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TeamSnap is pretty good. They have sport-specific layouts, including baseball.
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I used Yahoo Groups when I was coaching youth baseball and basketball.
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If a team makes a page on Facebook, fans of that page can subscribe to all updates via SMS (after they get set up for Facebook mobile).
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I use Team Cowboy and have been really happy with it.
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