Help with bathroom design concepts
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We're re-doing our old (master) bathroom. It's small-ish, not that that's here nor there. This weekend we need to pick out tile for the bath, light fixtures, vanity, and paint for the walls and ceiling. I have some design skills but am finding myself bereft of inspiration. Any good sites out there focusing on cool interior (esp. bathroom) design?
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This isn't a blog devoted to bathroom design, but if you like minimalist, modern design, you'll like how Anna at Door Sixteen remodeled her bathroom.
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This weekend?? Check out Apartment Therapy.
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I renovated my bathroom last year and had the best luck with Google image searches -- boring, not exactly what you're looking for, probably a great route to go on short notice like this. Once you have one part down, search away -- "bathroom purple walls" or "bathroom black and white tile" etc.
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I like the bathrooms that Sarah Richardson designs- you'll have to dig through this site a bit, but she really puts in some nice touches.
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Pottery Barn is worth a look.

Kathy's Remodeling Blog has good material on bathrooms.
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Sunset and This Old House both have great photo galleries of remodels. Sunset is good if you want that natural stone look, TOH is better if you want something more urban/ funky.

Apartment Therapy is also good but you need to search for what using the search bar you want because the site navigation is ridunkulous. Try various combos "small bathroom" "spa bathroom" modern bathroom" "blue bathroom" "bathroom storage" etc.
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I modeled mine after a bathroom I found on the This Old House. It was one of the reader submissions.

Here's the original on TOH. Here's mine.

Once you get a general look that you want, you're going to need to deviate from it, because of the shape of your bathroom, available tile, colors you want, etc. Whenever you pick something out, make sure that it relates to something else in the room, either by matching, or contrasting in a pleasing way. For example, all the metal surfaces in my remodel are brushed nickel. The tile and wall paint are the same tone, approximately, but opposite on the color wheel; the opposites work because the colors are subtle.
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Lots of first-person before/after chat and pics here. I used a LOT during my last remodel, mostly to see which fixtures, tile, etc people were happiest with, where they got the best prices, stuff like that. But it took me a lot longer than a weekend to decide. You sure you can't give yourself another coupla weeks to compare prices?
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Desire to Inspire's bathroom posts may help. But you can't go wrong following Door Sixteen as runningwithscissors suggested.
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The couple over at Young House Love recently redid their bathroom.
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What style is your house? Do you want the bathroom to be period appropriate? I got the tile for my bathroom remodel from Subway Tile, who have a lovely gallery, but only if you're doing Victorian or Craftsman, you'd need somebody else for Modern.
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