Starting a math minor. Any advice?
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I'm half way through college and am about to begin taking courses for my math minor. However, the last time I took an invasive course on mathematics was during high school. I am looking for a couple textbooks/methods that will help me get up to Calc II proficiency by the end of this summer. Specifically, I need to tune up my Precalculus and Calc I skills. If anyone could recommend problem sets, online tools, and/or their favorite textbooks I would greatly appreciate it. I'd like to keep it under $100. Thanks. ~Stephen
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Colorado State University's math department has review materials (including problems with answers) for their math placement test available online. It's pre-calc only - but at least it's free. I suspect most large universities will have similar materials available.
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An almost identical question was asked a couple of weeks ago.
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The Wolfram Online Integrator can be handy.
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When my partner went back to school after more than a decade away, he used a book called Forgotten Calculus for prep.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your help, guys. I found the MIT lectures on Youtube as well. Since they require even their arts majors to have an in-depth math and science major, they have comprehensible, normally paced broadcasts of their lessons.
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