I can haz Indian mangoes?
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Does anyone have any experience ordering fresh Alphonso or other good Indian mangoes online?

So now that the Indian mangoes are allowed in the US again, I've really gotten desperate for some. It's been nearly three years since my last bite of an Indian mango (since I tend to visit India in the winters). There seem to be a number of online places where you can get mangoes delivered to your door. I don't live in a major city (Ithaca, NY), so one of these delivery options seems my best bet until I visit NYC again. Can anyone recommend an online Indian mango vendor?
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Apparently not :( Oh well, I'll go try one of these online things soon and report back for future reference.
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well i'm in Singapore and it's very easy to find Indian mangoes here. I could get you some and send them over : ) but I have no idea how long it'll take or how much it'll cost!
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