Help me be the wacky sidekick from an 80s prom movie.
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I'm looking to buy a tuxedo t-shirt today in New York City, preferably in Brooklyn, and preferably cheap.

I'm attending a fun, informal prom-themed party this evening, and while I do have a suit I could wear, I think it might be more fun to wear one of those cheesy tuxedo t-shirts from the 80s, like this one or this one. I don't have the time to scavenge for one in several places, but if there's a store where I could definitely just stop by and pick one up in the afternoon, preferably a place with cheap t-shirts in Brooklyn, that would be awesome. (I searched in the archives, and found some city-specific questions for Seattle and Houston, but no definitive answer that would work for me here in NYC.)

For what it's worth, I never attended my actual prom (junior or senior), so any fun "if you could do prom all over again or for the first time" ideas would also be really great to hear. Thanks!
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Totally random guess: Phat Albert's on Flatbush? If not there, I bet you could just walk south down Flatbush from there and find a place. There's tons of the sort of crappy clothing stores along there that might possibly have such a thing.

Of course, I don't know where you're coming from in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is huge. If you are in, say, Greenpoint, it'll be a pain to get there.
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No idea re: Brooklyn. Drop down to the East Village on 8th St. between 6th ave and 2nd ave. There's a whole bevy of t-shirt shops, one of which is bound to have it.
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I saw somebody wearing this the other day.

Your local hot topic style store would have it presumably.
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here is the answer.
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Sorry to come back to this months later but this is honestly the shirt in the most traditional form for six dollars.
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