Pop Idols and Lolitas - I need a list
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I'm looking to generate a cross-cultural list of famous young talents (singers, actors, dancers younger than ~20, from any time in history) that are/were widely considered to be precociously charming. Idols and starlets, if you will. Is/was there a Russian Donny Osmond? An Indian Justin Timberlake? Who's the quintessential Morning Musume girl?
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There's Jordy, who, at the age of four, had a #1 in France for 15 weeks.
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Alla Pugacheva is/was pretty much Russia/USSR's Sweetheart. Not sure who to compare her to, but at least to me, she's pretty much synonymous with "Russian Musical Legend."
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Ricky Martin is certainly one of the Justin Timberlakes of the Latino world, launching his career with the established boy-band Menudo around the age of 14 before going solo and achieving quite a bit of success and attention outside the Latino music world as an adult. Both Menuda and Martin started off in Puerto Rico, but they both quickly became pan-Latin American phenomenon.
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Mitsou from Quebec when Bye Bye Mon Cowboy was released.
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In France again, Johnny Hallyday, France Gall, Lio and Vanessa Paradis had their first hits at 17, 16, 18 and 14 respectively and went on to successful music careers. One of Hallyday's early hits was indeed a French cover of "A teenage idol" (by Ricky Nelson).
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Brooke Shields. She was 14 in those Calvin Klein ads, then "Pretty Baby." If you're going with the "jailbait" flavor of "Lolita", I'd go with Brooke Shields.
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Nikita Mikhalkov was probably around 18 (and looked even younger) when filming an excellent and popular "I step through Moscow".
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Lena Zavaroni was Scottish and a big star with a big voice at the age of 10. (Linked to Wikipedia because all the other sites on her seem to have autoplay music.) She was a sweet little thing with a bow in her hair.
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Nazia Hassan was huge in Pakistan in the 80s. She had her first hit at 16.
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For better or worse, Sandy and Junior would definitely qualify as Brazil's Donny and Marie Osmond.
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I've always had a soft spot for Googoosh, the Iranian diva.
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Billie Piper was the youngest artist ever to debut at number one in the UK singles chart in 1998.
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oops, she was 15 at the time!
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Joselito from Spain in the 40's and 50's.
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What about Alanis Morissette?
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Also via Latin America - a few examples include Thalía, Paulina Rubio, Luis Miguel, Chayanne, Pedro Fernández, and Lucero.

Korea's BoA.
Japanese-American Utada Hikaru
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From the Middle East, Fairuz.
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Awesome, thank you! There is a lot of YouTube in my future. Thanks especially for the Jordy link -- his wiki led me to an incredible "boy soloists" database that will be as useful as it is creepy.
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