How do I set my Toshiba RD-XS235 manually to record?
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We have a satellite provider rather than cable tv. I recently bought from e-bay a Toshiba RD-XS235 which comes with a "TV Guide" feature built in, unlike my previous Toshiba recorder, an RD-XS32SU (the drive of which is giving out after extensive use). The reviews say that there is a "manual recording" feature, and I looked up the owners' manual online and found the relevant page, but the directions do not seem to work. Is that because I need to allow a few hours for the TV Guide feature to attempt to "kick in"? The manual says to "turn it off overnight for the TV Guide programming to take effect." It WON'T take effect because we no longer use a cable provider. I prefer the manual programming anyhow. Does anyone in the hive mind know how to manually program the RD-XS235? My frustration is running high right now! Any and all advice is welcome! Thanks, techies.
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Best answer: My TV has that TV guide thing. You don't need cable for it to work, but you do need to be able to get a PBS station out of the air because the TV guide piggybacks off that signal. But that doesn't help you with your need to record manually.
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Response by poster: I think I have to order the remote for this unit, instead of using our old one for the XS32SU. which is supposedly compatible but which has no options for scheduling manually. Thanks, birdherder, for your reply.
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