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Where's a good BRICKS & MORTAR place to buy a nice vinyl tablecloth in central CT?

My mom wants a new vinyl tablecloth (probably flannel-backed) for camping. I'm flying to see her in a few days and I owe her a Mother's Day present. I want to get her one and must do it on the ground, rather than order online. I'd like something of decent quality, bright and cheery (solid or non-obnoxious print).

Where's the best place to do this? I am in eastern/central CT and will be shopping around the Manchester area tonight, but references of nationwide chains from out-of-state folk are fine. Bed Bath & Beyond is a possibility but I'm kind of underwhelmed by their online listings.

The real pipperoo is the fact that some of the stores that I think would be the best bet (Xmas Tree Shops, HomeGoods) don't have online listings, so I can't check without driving all over kingdom come and hopping in and out of my car. Does anyone have direct experience with them?
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I don't know, but you can also call these places and ask them what they carry -- you won't actually be able to see the stock, but they can at least let you know if there are options or not.
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I buy them at both Target and Walmart (stripes/solids/floral). They are flannel backed and last me a whole summer of outdoor picnic table use each year.
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These are actually somewhat hard to find. The BB&B in my neck of the woods did not have them in store. I ended up finding some at Kmart, but not exactly what I wanted. The other place you might check would be Dollar Store type places.

If you happen to run across any 50's inspired ones (atomic, boomerang patterns, etc) let me know!
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I've had good luck finding Tablecloths at Kohl's, and I believe there's one in Manchester.
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Best answer: Xmas Tree Shops and Home Goods both often have lots of seasonal stuff like this. I'd go with Xmas Tree first as I think I've seen this type of item there before semi-regularly.
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Metaphore in New Haven, CT (a boutique shop selling home goods) has some really fancy vinyl tablecloths, audaciously priced at around $115 each. Overpriced, but suitable for a Mother'd Day present for sure.
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Oops, typo. That's Mother's Day-- Mother'd Day indeed.
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Best answer: When I still lived in RI, Xmas Tree Shops would've been my 1st stop for something like that, or Ocean State Job Lot (not sure if they have them in CT). Job Lot can be hit or miss, but they often get some nice stuff and the prices are always right. Homegoods is nice too, but from what I remember most of the tablecloths they carried were cloth, and their vinyl selection was limited.
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Response by poster: I tried Ocean State a couple days ago, since I got a cute one there a few years ago. They had some, but I didn't like any of their prints (except for the same one I bought for us--but my parents are not as into chili peppers as my husband is, so that didn't seem quite appropriate).

I'm definitely trying Xmas Tree Shops.

I would not be spending $115 on an heirloom lace tablecloth, let alone a vinyl one for camping! My mother would skin me alive, Mother's Day or not.
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Probably in New Haven... or up the Miracle Mile in Hamden...?
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I have had good luck with this sort of thing at Bed Bath & Beyond, FWIW.
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If you have access to a KMart, they carry the Martha Stewart line of home goods, and I've always been happy with the quality and design of their/her vinyl tablecloths. The last one I bought was about $20 and it's lasted for a year.
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Response by poster: Xmas Tree Shops FTW. They had so many I had a hard time choosing, and ended up buying one for our porch and one for our camping kit as well as the one for my mom.

Then I bought napkins to go with it at Bed Bath & Beyond (and looked at their tablecloth selection--I was right to do Xmas Tree first).

Thanks all!
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