Are there good jabber gateways for AIM and MSN?
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I've realized that jabber gateways are the only realistic option for AIM and MSN support on my phone. Any recommendations for good stable jabber gateways to AIM and MSN? I'd imagine it's best using a jabber account actually on the gateway's server rather than going through google talk, no? Any other caveats about jabber gateways?

I've set up jabber gateways for MSN once before way back when I still used iChat, but the whole experience kinda sucked, and I switched to Adium. I'd now however like to access AIM and MSN from my N900. Pidgen does that fine, but AIM and MSN don't like multiple logins, so my desktop doesn't log the conversations, plus integrating IM, Skype, etc. with the phone is largely the point of the N900. I've installed and tried both the Butterfly (MSN) and Haze (libpurple : AIM, MSN, etc.) interfaces for the N900's integrated telepathy framework, but they both suck horribly, especially when you're turning them on & off periodically. I'd imagine that using jabber gateways could help conserve battery as well.
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I don't think using transports will help with your desktop logging conversations. The Jabber MSN transports I've used only send messages to the resource with the highest priority. That said, the Telepathy Jabber plugin will work with transports, if you use another client to configure them. I don't know which transports are particularly good, but they do still seem to have a bad reputation.

Personally, I avoid transports and use Haze on the N900. I have not had any problems. It is annoying that MSN only allows you to sign in on one system at a time, but the plugin handles that as well as I'd expect.
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Response by poster: If you deactivate the MSN account using haze, like say to login on a laptop, then the next time you reconnect using haze you'll get a network error, and that'll never go away until you delete and recreate the account. I've also found my skype account inaccessible after deletion and recreation of haze accounts. Thanks for the warning about priority.
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