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Selling my car to Since my car isn't drivable, they will bring a tow truck and hand me cash. Thoughts?

I went to several cash-for-clunkers type websites today to aquire quotes on my 1996 VW Golf GI -- undrivable due to a broken transmission.

After I received a few phone calls the best offer was $275 cash from a company called The website looks ridiculous, but...

The man on the phone said he could pick up the car this evening, and I said I wasn't sure if I could find the car title by then. He told me that having my car registration would be enough if I cannot locate the car title.

Should I be worried about not having the title? Any warnings or considerations that you can think of?

Thank you!
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He isn't worried about the title because those do get lost and with the registration he can get a duplicate. If it isn't actually titled in you name, he will find out and will do what it takes to recover his money, however. Not a good idea unless you already have an address in Bogota.)

You probably didn't get as much money by shopping around and looking locally, but you got a lot less hassle and that's worth something.
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Hmm. Do you think I miscategorized this question?
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I had a 1985 Toyota Supra that was NOT drivable for a number of reasons, not least of all a massive oil leak. I threw it up on ebay, explaining the problems and that someone would need to PHYSICALLY COME AND REMOVE THE CAR and someone bought it for $400. Less the $40 ebay motors charge, I did alright and had quite a few bidders.

Alternatively, float this on Craigslist for free for a week or so and see if you get any decent offers that way. Then come back to this guy.
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I don't think $275 is a bad offer for a car that they have to send a truck to get. You could try Pick-n-pull also. In my area, a few years ago, they gave me one of the best offers for a totalled 17 year old Honda.
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Selling a car without a title isn't a huge problem if you have something proving that you're the registered owner.

Many states have a "release of liability" form that you can file with the state DMV (California's is here)
This essentially shows that you've sold the car, even if the new owner doesn't immediately re-register. It's worth keeping a copy on file if, say, the new owner starts racking up parking tickets.
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$275 is a good offer for a car that doesn't run. He'll either break it for parts or sell it for scrap or a combination of the two. I used to buy cars like yours and fix 'em, drive 'em 'til they broke again and sell them to guys like this. In Wisconsin, a bill of sale was all I needed to get a new title. You might get a slightly better offer on Craigslist, but what's it worth to you in time and hassle?
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just make sure the cash is good. you can buy one of those money checking pens at any office supply store.
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Deal done. Hooray! Thank you!
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Point of Order:
All the counterfeit detector pens do is check that it's cotton paper. Holding the bill up to the light to see the holographic strips and/or the watermarks is far more effective.
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