Looking for games that offer competition btw iPhone and Adroid users
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iPhone vs. Android Games anyone (where we play against one another - driving, flying, basketweaving, anything)?

Any games where an Android user and an iPhone user can log into the app and play head to head in driving, or well... anything?

Seems like there are plenty of us who actually associate with "those other people" be-it Android users or iPhone users... who might enjoy friendly competition in some lame sort of time wasting game?

I have a Droid (Android 2.1) and many of my office mates have iPhone... we both waste time waiting for meetings and occasionally in meetings on games... it'd be amusing to find some games we could play "head-to-head" (since the game/competition piece is running on a server somewhere anyway... just displayed - graphics crunched - locally) on our different platforms.

anyone? any games you know of?
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I have heard you can do this with HomeRun Battle 3D. There is a road racing game, too but I don't know it off the top of my head. Will post again if I can find it. But yeah, HomeRun Battle 3D is really fun.
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I guess that all the Polarbit games are cross-platform multiplayer, too. Source. They make excellent games. Raging Thunder 2 is the racing game I was thinking of.
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2 players on one android? 2 player reactor.
2 players on one iPhone? There's an air hockey game isn't there?
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Here's a video of 2/3/4-player reactor. Sorry about the music.
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Response by poster: thx... yeah, looking for 1 player on android... vs 1 player on iPhone

I'll check out the suggestions.

enjoy your meetings!
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