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Seeking a web ad management solution that doesn't suck.

I have a blog and sell advertising directly (no adsense or anything like that). I only offer time-based campaigns. I've used and discarded OpenX because the hosted version was too slow and buggy, and the self-hosted version took up too many system resources (I was getting $100+ GPU overage charges monthly from my host).

I recently switched to Google Ad Manager, now DoubleClick for Publishers, but I'm having huge delivery issues, which seem to boil down to the fact that the software is geared toward impression- and click-based campaigns rather than time-based campaigns.

I'm willing to pay for a solution (preferably up front rather than a commission). It just has to be light, and have the ability to rotate the inventory of ads randomly per pageview -- preferably it keeps stats and emails me and the advertiser automatically when campaigns are about to expire.
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Best answer: I have similar advertising requirements to yours, and use OIO Publisher. While it's not perfect, it's the best i've found so far, and i've tried everything you've mentioned and more. It's a very reasonable upfront cost and so far has served me very well - I've been using it for about a year.
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What about project wonderful? My site uses it for great success. It works like an infinite auction (highest bidder gets the ad).
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