Looking to store a stack of cards
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I really like this $4.50 ABS card case from Muji. I would like to buy it. I wouldn't like to pay $5.95 shipping for it. nor do I want to buy a bunch of other things I don't want to justify shipping costs. I live in Chicago; I've checked the MCA which does have Muji, but not this case, in their shop. Container Store has nothing similar. Suggestions?

I've got a stack of business card sized things I carry in my bag o' life. Right now, they are binder clipped and stuck in a ziplock. I'd like something a little more elegant. Like the aforementioned Muji case. A standard business card case won't quite work (I've got several and they're not quite satisfactory for the purpose)--I'm not sure the Muji case will work--as I haven't seen it in person, but it looks like it will. Something like the box playing cards come in would be a good size, if was durable, lightweight and closed securely.

Etsy has lots of cloth options, but I strongly prefer plastic or aluminum to cloth. Also, I really don't want to mail order, as I'd like to hold the thing in my hand before I buy it.
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There's a Muji two blocks from where I work. I'd be happy to pick one up for you and pop it in the mail.
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Can you ask the Muji store if they can or will carry it, or at least have one delivered to them for you?
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What about the Mitsuwa in Arlington Heights? They might have something similar, if not that particular item.
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Do you want the Muji for its size? Clean look?
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MoMA also carries Muji, so perhaps you could try local museum gift shops?
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What do you think about the Umbra case? They're widely available.
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And their bungee wallet looks a bit bigger, but it's the same idea.
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They also make index card holders, which fit 3x5 cards. Available at Staples/OfficeMax.
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The umbra case mentioned above is available at the Container Store. I just got one...and I love it.
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Yeah the museum mini-stores have a couple of dozen products from the thousands of Muji. This has frustrated me when traveling, too.

I think the ABS case is a good choice. The aluminum ones, while sexy looking, do tend to bend and dent quite easily.
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I've carried the UMBRA case for years now as my only wallet. Never had it dent or bend. The UMBRA ones are pretty thickly cast aluminum, not thin sheet stock. Highly recommend it. I've purchased mine at Target for about 5 bucks. (Note: You can't carry cash in them, only cards of whatever type). If you need something that holds cash and cards, try the Jimi wallet. One of my partners carries one and he loves it. I'm thinking I might switch next time the UMBRA needs to be replaced.
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Response by poster: I have the Umbra bungee for my ID & cash card. I love it, but it only holds about 5 cards comfortably and I'm looking to manage up to a couple dozen at a time. The index card holders look promising, if they're sturdy enough. The muji case has a nice profile and is pretty solid.

Thanks, ocherdraco! I'll let you know if that turns out to be the best option.
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The bungee wallet is bigger, but yeah, probably not a few dozen cards. I saw a nice-looking Filson leather card case, but that's more like $38.
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You might consider a double-deck playing card case. This one is side-by-side and is just an example. There are lots of decent-looking options out there.
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Another. Lots on eBay too.
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I'll check the modern shop at the Art Institute tomorrow, I think they have some Muji stuff.
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Not what you're asking, but a bit of data you might care to know: I have that Muji case, and found that it is becoming very quickly dented and scratched, despite living out its life inside my purse. Still serves the purpose just fine though.
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