Looking for a desktop speakphone with bluetooth, inc camera.
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Looking for recommendations for a desktop webcam/microphone unit with the capability to be the handfree speakerphone for my phone (over bluetooth)

I'd like a good quality device that sits on my home office desk, that does all of the above. The webcam/mic would be for Skype, IM etc, but crucially, also the handfree speakerphone for my bluetooth phone (currently HTC Desire/Incredible). I work from home most of the time and use the mobile for most of my work now and this would be a real boon.
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So you want an integrated webcam/microphone with bluetooth tethering to your mobile? I don't think such a thing exists.

The simplest thing I can think of is to get a bluetooth headset that supports dual pairing, and try to pair it with both skype (via a bluetooth dongle for your computer) and your mobile.

The only other options are VOIP phones, but I'm not aware of any that will allow you to pair the handset with a mobile (what would be the point of that, anyway?) If they are really fancy, they'll do skype calls as well as functioning as a regular landline - but this is also a far cry from what you're after.

My suggestion is that you use a regular webcam / microphone for skype, and answer all of your calls on speaker when they come in through your mobile. What's wrong with doing this?
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