Can't remember this cereal from the 1980s.
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Does anyone remember this cereal from the 1980s? The commercial was for a hot cereal so gross-looking that the kids had to wear paper bags on their heads, but they said it was really great-tasting and chocolatey. Is this just my own imagination at work, or did it actually exist?
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Was it CoCo Wheats?
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there's a chocolate version of Malt 'O Meal (yummy), or otherwise there's Co Co Wheats
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It might have been CoCo Wheats, but that's not the commercial I remember - I'm sure there were paper bags on heads involved.
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I remember this. It was some sort of oatmeal with swirls of flavor in it. The flavor (gel) came in a packet that you squeezed into the oatmeal.
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Quaker Oatmeal Swirlers?
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I remember Oatmeal Swirlers - here's the commercial for it. No paper bags on heads, though, and they don't talk about how it was too gross to look at.
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I remember it too, but I think that it was CoCo Wheats...
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Might it have been a variation on Grape-Nuts? (There are several different commercials of it on YouTube, I didn't have time to check for paper-bag-headage.) Our family ate Grape-Nuts when I was a kid in the 80s, and I distinctly remember there being different variations you could make yourself, including chocolate. They liked marketing that do-it-yourself aspect of it, as I recall. And the stuff did look gross, but I remember it tasting pretty good when enough honey was added.
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I think his unknown comic got into the Quaker Oatmeal Swirlers
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