Can anyone with the knowledge help me figure out what key my song is in?
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Working on this dark whimsical carnival-esque song for a local compilation. Can someone help me find the key? (Tried the usual Googling until my head exploded)... Link to streaming song included in extended description.

So I started with an old ('70's) Yamaha keyboard running through some delay and a loop pedal. I've figured out the melody by ear on some other instruments, but I'd like to know what key this is in so I can figure some changes to add to it.

I'm self-taught and have played by ear for over half of my life (16 years or so), but I know pretty much nothing of theory, nor can I read music (not that I'd need to really).

On the keyboard, seems the notes are (in order)

G G# G G# G# E Eb E G (2x)

G# G# G# G# A A A A D# D# D# G#

Apologies for the above mess... and I don't remember the background craziness in the song that I was doing the melody over.

Links appreciated as well if no one has the mental info... Preferably to sites where I don't feel like I'm reading Sanskrit.

The song (streamable): CarNivale

thanks in advance!!!
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Response by poster: 2nd part is actually:

G# G# G# G# A A A A D# D# D# D# E E E G

(Couldn't figure out how to edit).
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C# minor.
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Yep C# minor. The G naturals are flat fifths (b5). They don't strictly belong in the key. So your one hook is:

G G# G G# G G# E C#

Remove the G naturals and you get

G# G# G# E C#

Which are the three notes in a C#m chord (C# E G# in that order).
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Thirding C# minor.
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C# minor, and I'm pretty sure those four D#s in the 2nd line should be C#s, leading up to D# and E.
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