Custom dress shirts in/near NYC
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There used to be a chain called The Custom Shop (or maybe Shoppe) that had stores in Manhattan. I got a number of shirts there about 10 years ago and they were very nice quality for a reasonable price, but they seem to have disappeared now. Does anyone know a place in or near NYC that does custom shirts for not too much money (I know it will be more than most non-custom shirts)? Also, I don't want to have to get my own measurements and send them somewhere -- I want the place that's making the shirts to be who measures me. Thanks!
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44th (possibly 45th) between Vanderbilt and Madison. Not sure of the name
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44th (possibly 45th) between Vanderbilt and Madison. Not sure of the name

It's call the Shirt Store.
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I should add: I don't use the Shirt Store, I just walk by it all the time.

I use a Hong Kong tailor who visits New York about twice a year.
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20 peacocks on the lower east side, clinton st just below houston does beautiful bespoke dress shirts for a reasonable price. mehdi, the owner, is one of the most impeccably dressed people in all of new york city—he looks wonderful even when it's 95 degrees out with 100% humidity.
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CEGO shirts have a wildly fanatical following, and for the quality, the price is reasonable. I think he's on 23rd.
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Alexander West... I buy my shirts from them. Visit their Soho fitting room once (which also has fabrics), and you can order more shirts from the web. Also, no minimum order or other bullshit.
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My brother swears by a company called Afrimoda. They started in South Africa but they now have agents in New York who come to your home or office and take your measurements and design your garment. Prices start at $85 a shirt.
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