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What blogs and publications are good readin' for someone in the media/publication industry?

Regularly blogging on my company's Web site has been added to my job duties. I do occasionally read news about the industry we're in - bits and pieces that are sent my way by my boss and other higher ups in the company - but I would really like more sources to help get me going. What are some good places to get news and views that would be important for what we do?

We basically have two types of products - CMSes for newspaper Web sites and online classifieds solutions. Both are geared towards small, local audiences. We design, develop, support and produce content for the sites.

Sources that publish articles like this one (Internet changes news consumption landscape) are what I'm looking for, but any suggestions are welcome. Blogs, magazines (dead tree is OK too), Web sites, forums - any place where people are talking about news media and/or classifieds on the interwebs is perfect.

(Just to be clear - I don't plan on just stealing articles from other sites and posting them to ours, just interested in what the word is around the web to get ideas for articles I will write.)
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Not sure how close this is, but the NY Times has an excellent media blog: Media Decoder

Also, while I'm not a fan of the NY Post in general, they do have a good media columnist: Media Ink
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A few blogs I follow that, at least sometimes, cover these issues:

Online Journalism Blog.

Knight Blog.

10,000 Words: Where journalism and technology meet.

Institute for Analytic Journalism

Invisible Inkling (The thoughts of Ryan Sholin)

Journalism 2.0
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The Guardian's media coverage is pretty good. Roy Greenslade's blog and Media Monkey in particular. Mainly UK only
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Have you tried for the real news.

Gawker for the lighter/funnier/meaner side.
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There's also Editor & Publisher, but I don't know what they are like these days after their sale in January.
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