What hand-crank, capacitor-based LED lanterns have you liked, and why?
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What hand-crank, capacitor-based LED lanterns have you liked, and why?

My area has a great number of power outages, yay, especially during the summer. I also have a storage unit I would like to illuminate a little more evenly while I am working there. Amazon has a number of crank lanterns but they either try to do everything (solar charger! shortwave radio!) or look flimsy. I want the hand crank, and a durable one, just because it's so easy to forget about batteries. Perhaps Amazon isn't even the right place to look for these kinds of things.

Prefer: Directionality. Even just a flimsy reflective back would be better than making something out of foil.

Prefer: Capacitors. I prefer capacitors to internal rechargeable batteries, just for the durability issue, although it does make me more vulnerable to overcharging.

Avoid: Radio, flashlight. I'm avoiding units with radio or flashlight as I will be getting several of these. Some kind of radio gadget is in the future, but it's not germane to this question.
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Best answer: adipocere, I really think you should ask this over at candlepowerforums. The wealth of knowledge and willingness to help over there is outstanding. Seriously, the community there does nothing but talk about flashlights and lighting all day and all night. It would be disturbing if it wasn't so infectious and fun.
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