Room for Rent in Scranton, PA.
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I need to find a room for rent in Scranton, PA.

I might be taking a temp job in Scranton. I grew up in the area but all my friends there already have living arrangements. I would like to find one for $400 or less a month. I have looked on craigslist but could not find much. Does anyone have any ideas?
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--Ask your friends to send you the local newspapers (and check them online)
--Ask your friends to keep an eye out for 'room for rent' signs in laundromats, grocery stores, and their neighborhoods
--Go to Scranton and drive around the neighborhoods you want to live in to look for 'room/apartment to rent' signs
--Post a "roommmate wanted" ad on craigslist with the information above.
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I've had good luck with, although a lot of the apartments shown are on craigslist so your results may very. It's an awesome tool either way.
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Just a data point -- my sister had great luck posting a "room wanted" ad on craigslist in her city. She basically sold herself as a responsible, mature, etc etc individual, and was contacted by a couple of landlords.
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I would see if the University has online classifieds. My impression is that most of the rentals are advertised in the paper, but it's been a while. There's also an online version of The Paper Shop which has real estate listings.
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