Where should I take the in laws to dinner in Boston, with a view?
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Nice Boston area restaurants with a view of the ocean?

I'm wracking my brains for a nice restaurant in the Boston area that has a view of the ocean.

1. Not too far from Boston (i.e. less than 30 mins drive)
2. View of ocean
3. Seafood/american type food
4. Tastes good
5. Between say $15 and $25 an entree.

Would be nice if it was not too crowded/loud because we'll have elderly people with us.

Any suggestions? Do any of the harbor hotels have decent restaurants? I've searched yelp and tripadvisor and all those places and am striking out.
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The Red Rock Bistro in Swampscott fits these requirements. Possibly Finz in Salem as well (but that's just BARELY under 30 minutes driving) You may also want to try the things in the seaport district besides Anthony's which is too expensive.
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The Rowes Wharf Sea Grille sounds like what you want. I've been to the other restaurant there, Meritage, and it was great.
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Salem has Finz, Victoria Station, and Capt's Waterfront Grill all on the water.

You could also check out Marblehead, it has The Landing and The Barnacle, although after a bad experience I wouldn't really recommend the latter.
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The newish Intercontinental Hotel down on the waterfront has a french restaurant called Miel that has patio seating outside on the water, and it's a 5 minute walk from South Station. Their Sushi/tequila restaurant SushiTeq is great, too, but it's all high top tables and not great for elderly folks. Top of the Hub is downtown but it's up so high it has a view of the whole city.
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Response by poster: Good suggestions! Rowes Wharf Sea Grille looks fantastic, but it's a tinge more than I want to pay. And Salem is a tinge farther than I can drive. Any other ideas?
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Anthony's Pier 4 is a seafood restaurant right on Fan Pier in Fort Point, Boston. Large restaurant and would be good for older people. Big parking lot, too, so no need to worry about parking.
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Anthony's Pier 4 right in downtown Boston? I was there for a wedding reception last year. Food was good, views are outstanding - water one side and the Boston skyline the other side.
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I believe Meritage has nice ocean views, but their website doesn't show it. Could be worth asking, though, as the food is great.
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Response by poster: Hasn't Anthony's Pier 4 gone completely to seed? I haven't been in years, but that's what I've been hearing....
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There's Tavern on the Water on Pier 6 in the Charlestown Navy Yard. Great views of Boston harbor and the city skyline. Decently priced and, if the weather is nice you can dine outside on the upper roof deck.
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Plymouth is a bit further out than 30 minutes, but as a mini tourist stop for older people, it is great. A 10 minute walk along the sea wall will bring you to the Rock, the Mayflower, and lots of vintage fishing boats. Woods is basically a sea shack with window ordering but the food is outstanding. Seat yourself in the dining room at a table by the window. Have fun and just order a clambake for all.
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Oceana is up high in the Marriott on Long Wharf, and was tasty the one time I went. I'm not sure how many of the tables have a great view, though.

The Chart House on Long Wharf is fine, but again doesn't have great views.

I haven't been to Anthony's Pier 4 in a few years, it was also fine, but not great anymore. The No Name and Sail Loft are pretty tasty, but not really fancy. Some of the seats at the Legal Test Kitchen have views, but again, nothing fabulous.

You may be better off heading to the North Shore, which seems too bad! We should have delicious, affordable, and scenic right here downtown.
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Response by poster: You may be better off heading to the North Shore, which seems too bad! We should have delicious, affordable, and scenic right here downtown.

I know! We have elderly people in the party and it's the friday of memorial day weekend, so I'm afraid if we go someplace that would normally take 35 mins it'll take at least twice as long.
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I also enjoyed Tavern on the Water. I've been there a few times, actually, and always find the food solid-to-good. Not amazing, but solid. The really fun part is that you can take a ferry to the Charlestown Navy Yard over from the Aquarium, but it's a super-short ride. You get a taste of the ocean, but without a ton of effort -- family friendly, in my experience.

I wouldn't go there for the food itself, so if you really want an amazing meal, I'm not sure it's the right place.
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As lillygog points out, the food at Tavern on the Water is low-key, tavern (aka pub) food that caters to those who come by private boat, water-taxi and T-ferry, as well as to locals, tourists and those who work in the Navy Yard (e.g. tech, biotech and medical/hospital companies).
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I live in Marblehead and it's a 40 min drive with no traffic. That said, it's gorgeous. The Landing is nice, fits your parameters and the food is decent but not amazing. Red Rock in Swampscott (cuts your drive down a little, but still plan on at least 40 mins) is nicer and better food.
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Response by poster: There's also Joe's American Bar & Grill. Fairly cheap eats local chain with a location right on Atlantic Ave.

Also "racking my brains" not "wracking." Agh!
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