Sharing music with bandmates, but not paying for another service.
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I'd like to share recordings with bandmates. So, an HTML5 or Flash player, and comments. Optionally private. And not SoundCloud - but I have 50 gigs of Dropbox space and also an S3 account.

Is there anything like this? Basically, I can bring the storage (work bought me a Dropbox account! Hooray! I underuse it, though - 3%.), something else provides the interface - flash player, comments.

Note that, if there isn't something like this already, then I will write it. I estimate that it's a two day task, with pretty much any framework/language.
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My husband's band uses Google Docs to share the files he makes of their recordings. Free. Simple.
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A JungleDisk license is good for one S3 account, not just one computer. So buy one license for JungleDisk, have everyone install it and use it for the single S3 account, and you're done.
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You could keep mp3s in your Dropbox public folder, then copy and paste the public link for each as an audio post in Tumblr. Tumblr will create an mp3 player for each mp3, and bandmates can leave comments via Disqus.
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Response by poster: b1tr0t: definitely not a problem using this account for other things than work. My work is cool.

SoundCloud is indeed free for the first hour of tracks, but I'm looking to upload way more than an hour. I have an account and only have about ten minutes left. Mainly I just feel like it's overpriced, in comparison to other services.

I'll try to get my bandmates to do the Dropbox thing, but they're very non-tech savvy. One doesn't really know how to do anything other than email, word processing, and chat. So, a web player would really be superb for this scenario.

I'll definitely check into google docs / google sites for this, and check out how well tumblr will handle it. Thanks for those tips!
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Once you have Dropbox installed (which is very easy, as you know), it is dead simple to use - you can tell your non-tech-savvy bandmate that the recordings will magically appear in his/her Dropbox folder (put a shortcut on his desktop?) and he/she can go from there.
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You could take a look at this javascript setup too. Pretty slick looking...
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1) Put music in a Dropbox folder.

2) Share that folder. You can now grab an RSS Feed of said folder.

3) Have your contacts subscribe to said RSS feed using Google Reader and/or Buzz.

Alternatively, pull the feed into Tumblr, Blogger, Wordpress, or any other comment-enabled blogging platform of your choice.

If you want an embedded player, you could use Pipes and a Regex to wrap JWPlayer around each RSS entry containing an MP3.
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I would recommend

Dead easy interface, built-in RSS feed generator, iTunes integration, etc.

To get fancy, choose your own unique URL, eg.
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