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How do you get work as an 'oil spill hand' ? How many general laborers were hired to clean up the shoreline after the Exxon Valdez disaster? What will the potential employment scenario be for oil spill hands (general labor) in the unfolding disaster in the Gulf.

I'm more curious about the 'worker bees' (general labor) rather than the Vessel of Opportunity program and other specialized operations and skill sets that BP will need to bring on-board for the mop up operation. Once they successfully stanch the flow of oil, how soon will full scale clean up operations swing into action? Many volunteers are being trained now in Hazmat operations. Will these people be given first opportunity for paid labor positions? How did that work in Alaska? How quickly were people hired to clean rocks and shoreline? How many were hired? Were people form outside of Alaska allowed to work?

I've pretty much read everything on BP's deepwaterhorizonresponse.com site and related links so that's not what I'm looking for. Your firsthand experience in Alaska or any scuttlebutt you've heard on the Gulf coast would be most useful. And yes, I know it's horrible, toxic nasty work. The spill is currently estimated to be somewhere between half the size to twice the size of the Exxon Valdez disaster. No one really knows but it looks like there will be considerable opportunities for employment, Yes or no?
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On May 1, a political jobs listserv I'm on featured this:

QuES &T, & Global Energy Action, are looking for women and men to
assist in one of the greatest environmental disasters in our history.
There are 200 positions available now.

It seems legit. 40+hr/week and 2 wks+ are required. Pay isn't great, but you get housing, meals, and a per diem. Training provided "at no charge".
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If you read BP's site, you probably already saw this, but you just contact them at the phone number. BP will pay $10 to $18/hour

I can't tell if you are wondering how to get a job doing this (your before-the-fold question), or wanting to know the economic impact of emergency employment in the area, or looking for estimates of the damage compared to Valdez (after-the-fold questions)?
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