The boys and their Wii
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We love "A Boy and his Blob" for Wii. Can you suggest other Wii games we might like?

Our 6 year olds love to play it and my 2 year old loves to watch it (and yell "Anvil" "Use trampoline!" "ladder, ladder, ladder"). I am looking for other games like this that are appropriate for smaller children and fun to watch and maybe help from the sidelines.
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Mario Galaxy is a wonderful game - although it is a 3D platformer and not a 2D one, it has some of that "magical" feel that ABAHB has, and a second player can offer minor help.

World of Goo is another one that, while not being a platformer at all, could be entertaining to watch and shout along with - "put one of those goo-balls over there!", etc.

Zack and Wiki is an adventure-puzzle game that they might like as well. It's a little difficult in the later levels though.

The Boom Blox series is another child-friendly game and most of the levels are ones where shouting along could be fun or helpful.

Not for the Wii, but if you happen to have a DS I would recommend Scribblenauts. Lots of opportunities for creative puzzle-solving there.
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Mario Kart
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New Super Mario Bros. Wii is also good - it's a traditional 2D Mario game but you can have up to 4 people playing. Less skilled players can "bubble up" to get past harder obstacles, as long as one player can do it. It's a lot of fun (but you can also throw each other off cliffs, so they'll need to learn not to be a jerk... at least, not too much).
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I'd suggest looking at downloading earlier games from Virtual Console. The Kirby platformers (I see that available ones include Kirby's Adventure from the NES and Kirby's Dream Land 3 from the SNES are available) might well suit what you're looking for and are very child friendly, and also not too difficult. The SNES Donkey Kong Country games would work too though they're a little harder and cute in a different way. And if you're okay with a more anarchic sense of humour, Earthworm Jim from the Genesis is a LOT of fun with very varied gameplay, I can see them getting huge enjoyment out of that.

Failing that, you really can't go wrong with New Super Mario Bros Wii, as Earl the P suggests - it's a masterclass in accessible and massively fun platforming.
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Response by poster: Thank you every one. Will check those tiltles out on Amazon.
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Da Blob might be a good one for them. I know that when my boyfriend plays, I find myself watching and yelling out things ("There's a blue!").
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Check them out - not only on Amazon but Youtube too! That may be the best way to get a sense for them.
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Response by poster: Thanks. I was looking at Da Blob.
And good idea Earl.
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My eleven year old adores Boy and His Blob as well! He suggests:
  • My Sims, My Sims Kingdom & My Sims Agents
  • Boom Blox and Boom Blox Bash Party
  • Pet Catz 2
  • Endless Ocean & Endless Ocean Blue World
Happy playing!
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