How to make a Blackberry backup file transfer to an iPhone?
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How do I get a Blackberry backup file (.ipd extension) onto a new iPhone? The Blackberry itself has up and disappeared.

The boyfriend lost his Blackberry a couple days ago. He had Verizon service, but was no longer under contract.

He has been coveting an iPhone for a while and would like to switch to AT&T and an iPhone. We're worried about getting his huge store of contacts on there, though, and are hesitant to make the switch before we know it's possible.

I have found the backup files he created in Blackberry Desktop Manager and poked around in the program a little bit. I'm not seeing any way to transfer a backup to a non-Blackberry device, or even a way to view the contacts so we could (wurg) type them in manually. I thought maybe I could transfer it into his copy of Outlook Express and work from there or something, but I can't make OE see the files as anything it can use.

Ideas? Am I being dumb and missing some obvious "save as" or "view" button in the program? Is there a solution?
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Best answer: IPDDump
posted by sharkfu at 3:52 PM on May 9, 2010

Response by poster: That looks like it would be a very good solution, but it doesn't look like it's a go unless you actually have the phone...the fields it shows you going into are grayed out if you don't have the device connected. And, dammit, we don't have a device, just the apparently-unopenable-by-anything backup file.
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Response by poster: IPDDump certainly looks promising, though- thanks, sharkfu! Will give it a try.
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Response by poster: Totally worked! Very quickly got everything into .csv and everything imported easily into Outlook so I'm pretty sure he'll be fine. A++ would use again. :) Thanks so much!
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