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Is anyone experienced with arranging a hut to hut trek in the Dolomites in Italy? Is there an easy way to reserve space in the huts?

We are headed to trek in the Dolomites in Italy next month. We'd like to use the hut system, but I can find little or no english information online except for guided tours, which we do not want. Anyone have experience with this?
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This list and this one look like a decent starting point. Pretty much all huts have a website and accept reservations online, over the phone or by email.

As far as I know, the hut system has some sort of traditional obligation to provide shelter, so reservations on a relatively short notice are usually accepted. That said, I'd gather some info and book as much as possible well in advance.
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This is the website for the AVS which runs some of the huts

It's in German but you could use google translate to turn it into English. It has phone numbers and email addresses for a lot of the huts.
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I've been there, but my trek was guided, so I can't really help you beyond saying that the hutkeepers mostly spoke English, so you should be fine once you get in to them.

Also, the area is absolutely gorgeous and you will have an awesome time. Be sure to get a radler at one of the hut's after a long day's hike.
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