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Things to do in Greenland in August

I am planning a one-month sojourn in Greenland this summer, leaving Vancouver in mid-July and returning mid-August. The first half of the trip will be on a boat, from Iceland to Greenland and ending up in Kangerlussuaq. I would like to spend some time in the South of Greenland and travel by ferry from town to town, and perhaps fly up North as well. I am an adventurous hiker and traveler, and look forward to your thoughts and ideas about where to go and what to see, what to do and what to be careful about. I have seen the tourism web site, and am reading the Lonely Planet books for Iceland and Greenland. Thank you all in advance for your advice --
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I don't remember exactly how this works, but Royal Greenland (the main state-owned fishing company and single biggest employer in the country) "sponsors" traditional Inuit fishing villages in the summer. Again, not sure where I read about this, but I'm pretty sure it was in their annual report, which is here.

I think they are on the Davis Straight, though. But that would be cool to see. Then again, I have strange tastes in what I think is cool to see :) And also I have to read annual reports like this as part of my job.

Maybe read Jarad Diamond's Collapse. That might give you some ideas regarding historical stuff to do. And if I recall correctly, most of the Northern third of the country is off-limits to foreigners.
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Response by poster: thank you for your response digitalprimate - much appreciated! I will follow up with reading the RG annual report and find out about the festival.

Thank you for the reading suggestion - always looking for additional resources!
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