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how can I watch BBC's iPlayer in the US? A one-step solution is ideal, without having to install and configure a system-wide proxy (which is the current way I can think of doing it). Some software or plugin custom-setup for iPlayer?
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Just get a VPN with a server in the UK.
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Without wishing to sound preachy, in case you are not aware the BBC (and iPlayer) is funded by the British license fee. If you're a fee payer who happens to be overseas, I can understand your frustration. If, however, you are not paying the license fee I just ask you to be mindful about where the content is coming from and ask that you help support the BBC by buying DVDs, etc., when they become available in your area. (Thank you.)

I apologise that, after all this, I can't offer any suggestions to help. A British proxy is the only way I know to do what you're asking. Since it is effectively piracy anyway, there are probably far more efficient ways to get the content you want off other sites rather than using a proxy.
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we use a proxy.
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I would gladly pay a license fee if we could get full BBC content in the US. We got BBC America for a short time, but it's a very pale imitation.
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I understand completely; it genuinely annoys me that BBC America cuts down some episodes for adverts, which must be horrible for the viewer to know they're not getting the complete version. It also annoys me that certain shows in the UK now seem to be made for the 40-odd minute format instead of a full hour, just so that they're easier to export.

I really wish people would wake up to the realities of the global Internet; I'm in the UK, so on my side it's things like Hulu we can't access (and I, too, would gladly pay a fee to be able to do so).

My only intention with the post above was just to create awareness of the situation for those who might not realise. The BBC has genuine funding issues at the moment, partly due to political issues, and so I just wanted to gently encourage people who appreciate the content to contribute somehow. (And apologies again as this is somewhat off-topic, but I feel it's important.)
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Totally get what you are saying. However, the BBC is its own worst enemy, paying absurdly high salaries and bloodying its own nose with events like an election night party on a yacht on the Thames. They have come under widespread criticism within Britain for wasteful spending. The last thing hurting them are a few people using iPlayer from abroad.

Plus, Channel4OD is better.
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Mod note: hey folks, can we not turn this into a big licensing discussion? Thanks
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This is what you're looking for.
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Firefox and FoxyProxy with a URL filter, plus one of their paid UK proxies, will sort you out.
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Not really what you're asking for, but I torrent Top Gear, The IT Crowd and Doctor Who so I can stay up-to-date, and then buy boxed sets when they become available.
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If you want to watch British TV now, then most of the freeview channels are available to stream at

This also works on the iPhone, which is pretty sweet.
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